Monday, November 12, 2007

Hollywood, Egypt

Before going to Egypt, I may need to have an Egypt movie night. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Stargate—why are you laughing?—The Mummy . . . any other ideas? What’s that old, Agatha Christy movie? I haven’t seen it.

By the way, a third ‘Mummy’ movie is coming out, according to

When I noticed the part of Evie is being played by a different actress than the original (never a good sign for a sequel), I decided I wasn’t looking forward to it. BUT—Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are going to be in it, so, um yeah, I’ll be seeing that one.

Oh, and I’d throw in some joke here about maybe running into Brendan Fraser while I’m in Egypt, but it appears the third movie will take place in China. Life’s sad, huh (sarcasm).

Maybe I should joke about bumping into Harrison Ford at work on the next Indiana Jones movie, but that’s listed on IMDB as being in post production (finished filming).

I’m completely guessing here, but I imagine the next Indiana Jones movie was filmed in South America anyways. Where else is Indiana Jones going to find Nazis after WWII?—with the son he didn’t know he had(with Marion of course)—a son who has a knack for getting into more trouble than even he does—at least that’s how I would have written the script.
—Actually, I’d have written a troublemaker daughter into it and a son who’s more like Sean Connery’s Henry Jones character from Indi III; but Lucas would have struck that anyway. He’s already done the twin thing.

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