Thursday, December 27, 2007

. . . and I'm back

Hello, long time—no write. Seriously, it’s the holidays and I’m procrastinating everything—because I can. Yet, guilt is starting to take its toll on me, so here I am, finally updating my blog. Why guilt? Well, Egypt wasn’t anything I expected or was told to expect. I’m afraid I previously shared bad information on this blog, and I need to make amends. I’d like to share my stories in chronological order, and since I wasn’t enlightened all at once, I must explain one thing up front; though Egypt is a predominantly Islamic country (and in many ways because Egypt is an Islamic country), the people are tolerant and very loving towards foreign visitors. Does this sound odd? Yet, to the best of my knowledge this is true.

And as long as I’m making categorical statements—I absolutely fell in love with everything Egypt. Coming home, I felt like I left my heart behind. After a month of being home, several days of Christmas shopping, and one too many Christmas cookies, I’m starting to feel ‘normal’ again. Last night, may have been the first night since I’ve been home that I dreamed of something besides Egypt—but I’m not sure. I usually don't remember most of my dreams.

By the way, this blog is now under renovations. I took a bunch of pictures on my trip, and, when I got home, I thought I should have taken more. However, since I’ve been downloading, uploading, and labeling them all, I’ve thought, I should have taken less pictures—oh well. I’m trying to enable the slideshow feature here, but I’m still in the process of labeling pictures on my Picasa Web Album

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